IT TAKES A VILLAGE    “It Takes a Village,”...

“It Takes a Village,” addresses the complexities of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Westchester County, New York, and how the situation has been impacted by human lifestyle changes in the time of COVID-19.
 RECLAIMED    "Reclaimed" illustrates the...

"Reclaimed" illustrates the conflict between nature and humankind, and addresses the challenge of implementing solutions that are in harmony with our environment. The pictures in this series, considers the practice of deer composting performed by the Department of Transportation in Ulster County NY, which composts over 800 deer carcasses a year.

"Clinical Hope" focuses on dogs diagnosed with terminal cancer, with special attention to the clinical trial drug PAC-1. An anti-cancer agent originally formulated for dogs, which is now being translated to human cancer patients with aggressive malignant tumors. In the new frontier of cancer therapies, man's best friend continues to serve humanity by functioning as an important role model for progressive cancer therapies.
 CONSIDERED    "Considered" centers on family...

"Considered" centers on family owned Animal Welfare Approved farms, that raise animals for food with the highest ethical and environmental standards. In order for farms to become certified, specific criteria must be met for the biological and psychological welfare of each species. Less than 1% of animals raised for food, are treated in this manner.
 DISPLACED    Every year, an estimated 300 million...

Every year, an estimated 300 million animals are illegally imported into the US to be sold as exotic pets. Most exotic animals retain their natural instincts, behaviors, and dietary attributes. Even those captivity bred, remain wild. Without proper care, these animals experience unnecessary disease and distress. "Displaced" is a look at the efforts of The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in NYC, as they tend to these delicate animals who have been removed from their natural habitats and transplanted into a foreign environment.
 HIT AND RUN    As road density increases, wildlife...

As road density increases, wildlife habitats are destroyed and fragmented into smaller, more isolated plots. Animals are unable to meet their biological needs, and as a result, a variety of species are now threatened with extinction. "Hit and Run" documents the fallen creatures along the wooded roadways of Westchester County.

Kuo Photo

Linda Kuo is a documentary photographer with a special interest in animals and the environment. Linda is based in New York.
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